28 July 2007

Save the Green Planet! (지구를 지켜라!)

Great science-fiction cum thriller Korean comedy which actually ends up as a bitter social satire of South Korea's recent history. The film starts as the hero, a deranged beekeeper, kidnaps the wealthy CEO of a chemical conglomerate because the former believes that the latter is an evil alien.
Then there a two stories unfolding in parallel: the criminal investigation by the Seoul police, and the confrontation between the kidnapped CEO and his abductor. During the time of the abduction, we slowly realise that the CEO and the deranged beekeeper have known each other for a while, and that the most wicked is not the one we thought...
When the police finally find the CEO and his kidnapper, all hell breaks loose — the ending was the one part of the film I liked least. The film is still a must see. Very recommended.

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