10 October 2008

Wordling Mérgezett terület

Not that suprised by the results... I am sincerely disappointed that Hú Jiā didn't get the the 2008 Nobel Peace Prize (it went to Martti Ahtisaari instead).
Actually I'm not disappointed... I'm pretty mad! Did Martti Ahtisaari really need the Peace Prize? He's already a recognised politician, and he's also probably wealthy. Hú Jiā needs the international recognition. If all the news in the world focused on him getting the Nobel Prize, maybe the government of the PRC would just have to free him. Also, his wife and his daughter are under constant police surveillance/harassment, his wife has lost her job and has no money... they would've needed the Prize big time. All my thoughts go to Hú Jiā and his family.


  1. Should Hú Jiā have requested the Finnish nationality, he would already have got the price by now, I think. I wish him freedom, of course.

  2. E òc, pensi que lo monde d'Escandinàvia son un pauc afavorizats per la jurada dels prèmis Nòbel.
    Mès fin finala Hú Jiā fusquèc guerdonat pel prèmi Sàkharov del Parlament Europèu. E ne'n soi plan urós.