22 November 2006

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

I can't believe this film scores 7.8 on IMDb. The film's length is 157 minutes and God are the first 100 minutes boring. We see the stupid magician schoolchildren go through their stupid championship whilst NOTHING happens. At least in the other Harry Potter movies, you had all those small details (the living paintings, the ghosts, all that magic shit) that made you suspend disbelief and actually enjoy the silly scenes at the school. But in this one, those scenes are incredibly lame. And the magic is gone. 100 empty minutes. Then suddenly something happens (a murder!), and the films gets going. The last 60 minutes aren't bad, probably on par with the 1st Harry Potter movie, and better than the 2nd, but fuck why did the real story have to start so late?

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