18 April 2007

Wilfing again

Here am I wilfing again through the stupid NEXT BLOG button on top of my blog, then the one on top of the following blog, and so on and on...
Again I am baffled by the sheer amount of moronic Christians out there in the blogosphere. Right wing Christians of course. American Christians, of course. Spurting out their hatred of gays, their hatred of liberals, of Muslims, of women having had an abortion, their hatred of pretty much anybody who doesn't share their moronic views about the world. Daft rednecks who probably have never travelled further than next state; idiotic, drooling, illiterate morons who probably don't even understand half of the words in the flipping Bible cause it's written in English and all they can speak is the corrupted, debased, creolised version known as American.
And yet they comment what happens in the wide world they don't have a fucking clue about in the first place.
Explaining us how Israel is great and how Palestinians are evil ― has any of those morons ever travelled to the Israeli-occupied territories? Explaing us how the war in Iraq is just ― does any of those morons ever watch anything else than Fox News? Explaing us how global warming is a lie ― does any of these fucking morons even own a thermometer? Explaining us that carrying a gun is a normal behaviour, and even that the Virginia shooting could have been avoided if the students had been allowed to carry guns ― wake up!!!! 'tis the real fucking world here, not a hollywood film, even though you guys obviously have trouble telling reality from fantasy.
Anyway, I love America: my favourite band is Sonic Youth, my favourite hobby is playing rolegames, my favourite comic book character is Spider-Man, my favourite director is Woody Allen, it's just that I flipping hate the stupid Christians!!!


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  2. Kösz... gyakran olvasom a blogodot. Én sajnos csak nagyon nehezen tudok magyarul írni és olvasni mert kint születtem, de a te blogod mindig nagyon érdekel.