29 June 2006

Palais royal ! vs. The Filth and the Fury

Well, two completely unrelated DVD's or at least so it seems....
Palais royal ! is a comedy by Valérie Lemercier about life as a royal. Knowing Valérie Lemercier's past as a witty stand-up comedian, I was expecting a brilliant comedy. However, after a mildly funny start (and my laughs were mostly caused by slapstick situations rather than by the actors' lines), the film became a kind of thinly disguised apologia for the late Diana, Princess of Wales. And since I've never ever given a fuck about Lady D, the film became utterly lame to me. Fuck, I hate the nobility, and I don't want a comedy to become a stupid manifesto in defence of them poor, poor nobles.
Which brings us to The Filth and the Fury, a documentary about the Sex Pistols, the band that both started and killed punk music. I love the scene where the police raid the boat on which the Pistols are playing "God save the Queen", on the Thames and in front of Westminster, the very day of the Queen's flipping Silver Jubilee! Fuck, that was one nice huge attack against the monarchy. Fuck the royals, and fuck them all — even the nice ones.

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